The Fine Art Of Writing… Simple

I am working on a story. In fact I am working on multiple stories. And many of them left halfway. The ones which haven’t seen the light of the day are the those which are simple. Writing is an art, but writing simple is a skill, I am yet to master. Language is intriguing and mastering the art is a lifelong process. When I read through works of various authors, I come across one simple fact that the technical difference lies in the language we think in, but the seemingly effortless writing often takes more work than writing it self.

Imaginations galore… if that is what one thinks that writers have, is somewhere right but not in totality for most of the writers I know and enjoy are the ones who create characters out of real life. Keeping them simple and real is a task in an era when the actors in our television dramas are shape shifting into flies and snakes, in stories which are not even remotely supernatural, mythological or dystopian.

As a writer seeking inspiration from the simplicity of life, I realize how easy it is for me to write in genres which need imagination on the forefront but getting the flow right in a simple story is a task. Day to day people are way more interesting than the ones we create but picking out that characteristic and doing justice to it in writing is a skill one needs to master.

Stories remain etched in our memories more when we can relate to them. Larger than life and research based stories are an experience and can awe us with information but the simple ones are those which linger on whether they bring out a pain or crack a smile every time we go back to them just for the pleasure of reading simple.

These are the kind of stories I want to create… the ones which celebrate the simplicity of life. The ones which linger on in memories of the reader reminding them of someone somewhere…


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