Not to Fart

There are videos floating around the social media. Millions of them apparently and there is one video that caught my eye and I could absolutely relate to… Boy Moms Vs Girl Moms. While I do agree that it is incorrect to generalize or brand according to gender but I identify with the video based on my experience being a Boy’s mom.

Super Heroes are not his cup of tea. He hasn’t watched any of the latest trending Avenger movies. Godzilla doesn’t interest him much.

“Its not real,” he says. But he religiously watches James Bond movies and like me is a stickler for watching the chase scene at the beginning of every Bond movie. Both of us are sad on hearing the news that the next Bond is a female. He is sad, because he is going through the ‘I hate girls’ phase and I am upset, because of the other obvious.

“Do you really think a female Bond can create the kind of Adrenaline Rush that the suave Pierce Brosnan did? Or Sir Roger Moore with his gentlemanly demeanor or Sean Connery with those killer looks or even Daniel Craig with that rugged yet emotional eyes? Lets say, except for George Lazenby I am fine with repeating any of the other Bond actors.

But then this is not about me. It is about the men in my life, especially the little man in my life. So, with a boy not so fond of Avengers, not ever read Phantom or Mandrake and never asked me to make those Wolverine claws ever, how ironical it is that every time he gets a story to write or a comic strip to create, he ends up creating a Super Hero story?

After a lot of deliberation with the little man concerned, I found out the reason – It is the easiest form of creative writing. Create an underdog, show him suffer, let him get super powers through sheer damn clumsiness and finally let him save the world. Lo ‘n’ behold… You have a Super Hero story!

(Imagine I thought I was the writer in the family with all the brilliant ideas not finding way into paper) 

Cut to part two – Being a boy’s Mom!

Apparently none of his super heroes have a normal powers. They are not Birds, They are not Planes… They are not …. whatever

All his Super Heroes have power that his very own mother will roll her eyes, twitch her nose and ask him to leave the room with his stinky story.

The recent one he created – FART FLYER

Oh yes, the super hero can’t fly unless he farts!

And there is a part 2 in the making where the Super Hero will go and save an American scientist from the Russians (this smells of Indiana Jones series, yes we watch them too). Guess what happens next – The scientist in return will give him a potion for non-smelly Farts… because Fart Flyer’s mother is irritated with the stink they create!!!

(at least I inspire in some way…)

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