Horizon Undone

The very first scenery we create as a child irrespective of our art skills is usually one with pointy mountains and a half sun in the background. Whether the sun is rising or setting was not our concern but we had a horizon in mind. With years the moving ahead many of us played with colours on paper and a beautiful sunset by the sea emerged. Many of us who learnt art and oil paintings have at least one of those red, orange and black setting sun horizon painting possibly still handing on the wall of our parent’s homes.

It isn’t the same any more…

For days I stood on my balcony waiting to see a glimpse of the horizon. Those who live in Delhi NCR that every thing for us is faded with smog. I live in a high rise apartment so it is easy to have a wider view but all in all I have is a cloud of smoke lingering along for days making me almost wish I had a duster to erase the scene off my eyes. Then comes the rain and washes away the dust and haze to give a clear view of the horizon…

But believe me I have none. Even the rain washed view is filled with nothing but layers of high rises and concrete establishments. I do have a view but it is not my horizon. The sun doesn’t rise from the edge of the earth, it doesn’t set into nothingness of the sky, but it just disappears into a crowd of dust and dwellings like someone working on a 12 hour shift job.

All that is high and mighty about the sun falls apart in this city’s chaos. We don’t fill the view into our eyes, and let it linger for time. We don’t take a deep breath and wish life just paused for moment… In all that we strived for in life, we lost what we already had… a beautiful horizon…

We all may not have been raised near a beach or mountains but most of us have been lucky to enjoy a view of a field, a skyline of stars or an orchard or even a tea garden but very few of our city bred children’s generation have the luxury of a horizon no matter rich or poor. We are stuck in the luxury of our concrete boxes looking out of the large french windows only to see lines of concrete boxes we have spent millions of rupees on… only to lose a priceless Horizon!

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