Stupidity, the Dawg!


(with no offense meant to the canine)

Lockdown days have pushed me back into my favorite place – the balcony. I start my mornings with an unhazed view of the sunrise and soak in a little bit of vitamin D which my Doc says I am completely drained off. From the balcony, I have a view… A view that is rare to find in the middle of an otherwise concrete city bustling with the hullabaloo of immigrants trying to make a mark in the race for affluence.

Well, all that has come to a stop. And we are learning how bare minimum is required for survival. Coming back to the balcony which looks over the exquisite green area filled with cacophonous peacocks and midnight howlers and always has a surprise in store for my sight. Once you have enjoyed the unfiltered horizon and green lushness, you look down (45 degrees approximately) there is a concrete road merging into a muddy track forming perfect T.

It is an inner road of a gated area so the view is not disturbed by daily traffic and with the lockdown, in place the frequency of vehicular movement is at an all-time low.
Today morning as I stepped into the balcony to greet the sun, a black dog sitting in the center of the T point caught my eye. I wondered if like me he too was conscious of the importance of VitaminD and was basking in the dew-kissed sunrise making just the point to passers-by.

Not many passed by except a few lone morning walkers who no matter what cannot be locked down into their abodes because exercising their brains is not a possibility. Well, this is not about them, the hero of today morning is the Vitamin D conscious Dog.
So (s)he spread out and did a few stretches reminding me I was missing my two-bit of yoga for viewing the health-conscious canine. He stretched, did a back roll and just then a two-wheeler appeared out of nowhere to disturb the serenity of the morning. My friend Stupidity, the dog made it a point to convey his mind to the two-wheeler with two loud barks as (s)he had to leave the back roll asana and run to the side of the road. The arrogant two-wheeler moved on.

Stupidity mumbled under its breath cleared its throat and came back to the center of the road to continue its health routine.

Not wanting to miss this inspirational persona I made a quick rush to get my morning tea. And when I returned, Stupidity did not disappoint me.

There it was bang on the center of the T point showing its prowess in various poses of stretch. Just like that another noisy vehicle possibly a necessities supply van just drove by sending Stupidity run to a side to save its arse. This time Stupidity seemed too shocked to react, moreover the van seemed like a formidable adversary. But persistence is a virtue so Stupidity was back at its desired space not giving up on its freedom no matter what the consequence.

Another morning disturbance a cyclist tried to trespass into the middle of the road but Stupidity was determined it did not budge. The cyclist turned into the corner and disappeared into the kachcha (muddy) track ahead. Stupidity lets out a warning growl lest the enemy decides to return. But when has the enemy been a stranger, it is always someone whom we know. Just as I write, our dear Stupidity is being chased away by other dogs who have taken over the T point and now our serene three-way has literally gone to the dogs.

Disclaimer: The morning saga has nothing to do with the morning joggers and walkers and many others who venture out unnecessarily to exercise their freedom.

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