Second Book out now on Amazon

The first time I wrote a story to be shared on a public platform I was reluctant for writing was very personal to me. When it won the contest, and I came in contact with other fellow writers I realized the joy of sharing your work with others. But what I never could have anticipated was I will write books in Hindi.

But over the years I have realized that the strongest and the deepest feelings which come straight from the heart are in your mother tongue. So it was natural that my first book Prem Ganit was in Hindi. The lead character Srivastavji was quite a hit among the readers and gave me the idea of creating a series on this simple man with simple struggles.

Subah Ki Chai, my second book was actually the first story I wrote in Hindi. The characters reflect personalities from real life like Sulbha Srivastav, the devoted but true to her nature Indian Wife. I tried to bring out the banter between the husband and wife and the idiosyncrasies of middle age through this short story. Why did I name it ‘Subah Ki Chai’? Isn’t morning tea is the most important part of the day?

Both the books are available on Enjoy Reading

Prem Ganit:

Subah Ki Chai:

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