Yesterday’s Stars

Yesterday, just after the sun had waved goodbye, and the evening breeze gave way to a clear sky, there up above the world so high were stars. And not just a lone or two but enough for my fingers to fall short of counting. The sky hasn't been the same ever since the lockdown set... Continue Reading →

Drenched Dark Morning

It is a heavy downpour today. The rain floats in the air even inside the room. Tiny droplets of rain touch the skin and vanish as I stand near the balcony door. The visibility is obscured. Even the pair of laughing doves sit in silence watching the sky take over. The usual foray of vision... Continue Reading →

Sunday / संडे

ये संडे भी कुछ नागवार सा हैExam के बीच पड़े इतवार सा है हफ्ता कब खत्म हुआये पता भी ना चलासूरज की आहट से पहलेकाम का शुरू हुआ सिलसिलाकभी अदरक वाली चाय हाथ मेंमिल जाया करती थीअब सुबह बेस्वाद ग्रीन टी के हिसाब सा हैये संडे भी कुछ नागवार सा हैExam के बीच पड़े इतवार... Continue Reading →

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