The Amazing Birthday Party by Kavya Negi

Ten year old Kavya is a spirited child. She has lot of questions and loves to write. When I started interacting with her, what struck me was her reasoning and ideas behind her stories. She has what I terms as ‘intelligent imagination’ and you will know why when you read the story. Of course the little lady has also left a moral for us to remember.

On a cloudy day, Porky the Porcupine was very confused. He could not decide what would be the perfect gift for Zozo the Zebra. Zozo and Porky are best friends.

“What should I give him?” muttered Porky. He had planned a secret birthday party inside a cave and invited their other animal friends as well. Porky’s parents helped him clean the cave and make other arrangements too.

“Mom, can you please make a delicious fruit cake and guacamoles,” Porky requested his mother. She was a happy to help. The menu was decided but Porky still couldn’t decide on a gift for Zozo.

“I should concentrate on the decorations first,” he thought.

Once again he rushed to his mother, “Mom, can you show me all the decoration materials we have? I will need them for the party.”

Porky’s mother smiled and showed him whatever she had in store. Porky stared at the decoration stuff and was upset, “But these are too small for a zebra!”

His mother gave him some money and said, “Here take this ten rupees note and buy some decoration material from the shop.”

Porky was happy. He rushed to the shop. It belonged to Ms. Monie the monkey. Ms Monie’s shop had the latest variety of decorative stuff for parties. She had colourful ribbons, strings, party props and much more.

Porky asked, “Do you have decoration material for birthday parties? I want stuff that is medium in size and under rupees ten.”

Mrs Monie thought and replied, “Yes, we do have birthday decorations but I am afraid we are not left decorations under rupees ten.”

“What about balloons? Balloons cost under rupees ten,” Porky asked.

Porky returned home very upset and burst into tears just as he entered his room. His mother who was doing the laundry rushed to him on hearing his crying.

“What happened?” she asked reaching out to Porky.

“I cannot decide on a gift for Zozo and now I cannot even buy decorations for the party. Nothing is available under ten,” cried Porky

“Oh! I thought something bad has happened to you,” she said. “Why don’t you make your own decoration?” Mom asked.

“Oh yeah, I can definitely do that,” said Porky happily.

So, Porky made a birthday banner with paper and colors. He even added ribbons but balloons were missing. So he went to his friend Sam the Snake.

“Hey Sam, Can you give me your skin shedding? And may some of your parent’s skin shedding too,” Porky requested. Sam was confused but happy to help his friend Porky.

Porky quickly collected the skin shedding of Sam and his parents and ran home. He blew air into the skin shedding until they became like balloons and then tied knots with bright green strings.

“This is fabulous,” remarked Porky’s mother. “Now, it’s time to decide a gift.”

Porky had already made a card for Zozo. He said, “I have not been able to find a perfect gift for him, Mom.”

“Why don’t you give him something that he needs the most?” Mom suggested. Porky thought for a while and then exclaimed, “Yes, I know what I can give him! He had once told me that he is unable to sleep comfortably on cold nights. I will make a blanket and a muffler for him.”

Saying this, Porky rushed to his parent’s room and took two needles from his father. They were large enough to be used as knitting needles. In two hours with the help of his mother Porky made a muffler and a blanket in blue and purple color. They looked nice and cozy. It was 5.30 p.m. by the time they were finished with the knitting. Porky’s Mom went to the kitchen and made the delicious fruit cake and other goodies that Porky had asked for. She even made chocolate milk shake for the guests. Porky went to the cave and stuck the decorations to the walls. By 7:00 p.m. other animals started arriving.

Zozo arrived too. Everyone wished him Happy Birthday and hugged him. They all sang the birthday song and then played games. When everyone had eaten the delicious food, it was time for Zozo to open the presents. He opened all the gifts and thanked each one of his friends.

“Thank You. I am really happy,” said Zozo.

In the end he opened the gift given by Porky. On seeing the purple and blue muffler and blanket Zozo exclaimed, “These are my favorite colors! The blanket is so warm. I will be able to sleep comfortably tonight. Thank You Porky!”

Everyone left for their homes after the party. That night Zozo wrapped himself in the blanket and slept comfortably till the sun was up and shining.

Moral: It is not necessary to give someone expensive gifts. The best gift is what he or she needs the most.

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