The Eyes Of Medusa

The beauty she beholds

In her melting voice,

Carries innocence of her skin

and the silk on her hair she ties.

She takes your hand to her heart

And lets you skip a beat,

Looking down in coy shyness

Slowly she retreats.

You linger with her scent for long

And then yearn for her touch… you beg,

For all you see is her smile

And the pink satin under her dress.

But what you miss is the unreality

Of her being the perfect woman.

There is evil she beholds…

The cold enchantress.

Deep in her eyes lies a magic

That will destroy your own will.

You will turn to stone for those who are yours,

And will stand to her command… Silently still

For she will take over your mind

and enslave you to her desire

But your soul will wither away

In her eyes cold fire.

And as the tales go

Many a men she holds

In her collection of stone people

Carved from her eyes that glitter like gold

Medusa is no one, she comes in many tones

But the finale for all is same

You will know when her eyes turn you into stone!

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