The Legacy of Curse

She stepped on to the altar where the mural of Oba overlooked the crowd. Tatiha had tears in her eyes. She prayed to Yewa the river Goddess to save her. Once she was tied to the promise of Oba the goddess of marriage there was no escape. No Yoruba woman could defy Oba for it would bring calamity on her tribe for a hundred years.

“Fly away my little bird,” her mother whispered. Tatiha hugged her, as her mother shed tears of happiness. Once the ceremony was over, she would be given away in marriage to the highest bidder. And the money would go to her mother.

Tatiha knew her mother had received offers for hundred pieces of gold.
Tatiha gave one last look to her with cold eyes as she received her mother’s curse.

She now understood why her mother never returned to her Nana, even when she was dying. Now, Tatiha will never return to her mother

flashfiction, 160 words, originally written for FlashFriday (Fire&Ice)

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