Sing A Song

Has this ever happened to you that in the most odd situation a song crops up in your head and it sticks through out the day?

(Oh, and did you know it is known as a brainworm?)

This happens to me quite often and most of the times the song is one which I have no liking for. Like just today at dawn, I opened my eyes and saw one single flower, a late bloomer in my balcony. Of course, it put a smile on my face; and then it put a song in my head.

The song was a chartbuster way back in the year 1992 even though the motion picture of which it was a part of, was a failure at the box-office. And even then it had not appealed to my senses. In fact I haven’t heard the song in ages not even in some medieval radio show. Still it just popped into my head and now I am humming it distastefully.

I usually like silence in the morning. I am absolutely one with the cacophony of nature’s music in the early hours of morning and thankfully I don’t have a coughing or gurgling neighbor in near vicinity. But now I am stuck with this noise in my head. The flower now is deprived of my attention while I figure out how to remove this brainworm from my head.

And the song goes –

फूल ये नहीं अरमान है मेरा
ये बहार क्या एहसान है तेरा


This is not a flower but my desire,

What is the spring but your favor?

Oh God! What a tacky song?

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