Education Ruined Our Clouds

There must be something about the autumn dawn that conspires with the clouds. How do they know where exactly to place themselves to bring out different shades of tangerine and pink by filtering just the right amount of sun through their being?

Clouds are clouds. They cannot be mere clusters of moisture packed together. Balls of fluff sounds more convincing than moisture. Or even that Gods are weaving their yarn and in turn letting out dusts of cotton that stick together and form clouds.  But just water drops seems so unconvincing. Whoever came up with that possibility did not really have the intelligence or imagination of a child. They just used the mundane overused organ called brain and came up with some gibberish.

Human beings are like that they often turn the most obvious into complicated gibberish.

What is the most obvious thing one thinks when they look at the clouds? – Ball of fluff or stacks of cotton. Ask. Any 5 or 6 year old and they will give you the answer.

But that is not enough. By the time the child is 8 years old and reaches grade 4, the notorious adults teach Water Cycle and evaporation and condensation. So there, Phhttt goes the clouds and comes in the moisture. Do we adults even realize how we dampen the clouds for children by doing this?

My boy was 6 years when he saw white smoke rising out of a large chimney while we were on a road trip and exclaimed, “Ma, look there is a Cloud Factory. I ended up writing a story ‘The Cloud Factory’ seeing his elated face. And just as my boy turned eight, they taught him water cycle at school.

What more do I say? Education ruined the clouds for my child!

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