Chiggy Wiggy & the Masterpiece

Write yourself everyday, bit by bit on the blank screen or on paper and one day you will create your master piece. I say this to myself every day. Whether I am able to actually write every day is another matter, but I do believe I was born to write. Or I live because I write.

What about my masterpiece? I am creating a lot of those that are not only to finally reach there. My half written stories scattered around my desktop wait for their fate, it is yet to be seen which one is the Dragon Warrior. Of course, I can’t be just one story success, and I know I am not but then there are also some series of disasters on the way.

Those disasters never saw the light of the day. And when I go into the darkness to wander along those words that failed to impress me, a thought comes to my mind – Not all creations by the masters are considered masterpiece. Even the grand master A R Rehman has Chiggy Wiggy in his collection.

So, while I drabble through my Chiggy Wiggies, I know somewhere there is a ‘masterpiece’ hiding in my words. What I surely know is there is not one but many stories unfolding, some real, some imaginary, some forced and some spur of the moment.

All I can say is ‘Coming Soon’!

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