The Dilemma of Loss

I often wonder how to express condolence when a closed one bears loss. It is quite easy to express your sentiments if there are truly any, to an acquaintance.


That is it!

But what do you tell someone close to you who just lost a loved one? No, the cliché of ‘Things will be alright’ doesn’t work. For deep down in your heart know they never become alright. You sail on but the loss remains. It doesn’t become alright even after 17 years.

It remains where it was. Sometimes covered in dust of memories, sometimes in a sweater that you carry along just because it feels like his presence, sometimes in a letter, and even at times when you sit with yourself.

How do you tell a dear one that the loss everyone says will heal with time remains forever? You only learn to hide its bearings behind countless of words. No, you don’t learn to live with it. And you can never learn to live without…


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