It wasn’t hers to keep, but the whole idea was so tempting. Anna took a deep breath before plunging into the blue grey waters. By the time she resurfaced, she was a changed person. Drops of water shone like silver on her skin in the sunlight. Her skirt stuck to her knees as she walked out of the water. Her perfectly chiseled features gave her the look of a demi-goddess.

She looked around. Odyssey was no where to be seen. “Odd… Oddy,” Anna called out. She distinctly remembered that her friend had jumped along with her into the water.” You will have a chance to live my life,” Oddy had said. “And then you can change back to yourself whenever you want.”

It seemed easy. They just had to jump together into the Atlantic waters, when the sunlight changed its color to bluish grey.

At first Anna did not believe. Odyssey then showed her the proof that she was sort of a demi-goddess, having married Achilles son.

The two friends talked about old times and life thereafter. Anna told Oddy a bit about her life, the adventures, the travel but casually missed out on telling her she was a thief by profession. Anna had pleaded Odyssey to let her experience the life of a goddess. “Oddy, I know you can never say a no to me,” she had pleaded. SHe had decided to steal Odyessey’s identity.

Oddy was always the  timid one. She gave in to Anna’s bossy nature easily. Anna looked around. The shore wasn’t the same. The coastline was rocky and water stood still in places. She saw her reflection in water. She did look like Oddy. But she was alone on the island. Odyssey was missing. 

Doubts troubled her now, as the sun was setting and the sea changed colors. Anna ran around the place looking for Oddy. 

Oddy looked around Anna’s room. She was quite comfortable in Anna’s skin and the fact that she had retained her powers even after the dip was amusing. Anna stole everything from her even her first love. “Anna will be tempted to steal my identity, Father, ” she had told Hercules. “… Then you will be safe.” he had blessed her. 

All Oddy had to do now was to tell Anna how wonderfully happy she was and then she could leave her in the clutches of Hera. The queen was looking for daughter of Hercules to fulfil her revenge. Odyssey was the child no one knew about until recently.

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