2020 – The Undoing

This is not a review of the currently trending series on Hotstar. My capacity to write reviews is limited and I do not intend to tread that path.

This is about 2020 – The Year of the Undoing!

2020 undid a lot of things. It has shaken us, unraveled us, surprised us and to an extent even shown us the fragility of the ecosystem we so arrogantly live in. With the onset of New Year, when I look back at months that went by, each accounting for a different challenge of sorts, putting and end to our naivety soaked in arrogance about being the superior of God’s creations. No we never were!

We have just encroached upon more than our share and over extended our reach to disturb the balance of existence. Whether it is nature, science or even humanness, mankind has till now been anything but kind.

Isn’t it why we were locked in like we lock-up animals in the zoo? Moreover, no one found us interesting enough or worthy of visit. We were supposed to all by ourselves.

2020 just dropped us down from our self proclaimed thrones and be came the leveler. But have we really turned wise one year later or are we just waiting for this to pass so we can go back to our old ways. If not in totality but 2020 does seemed to have made a dent in our thought process.

This year has also been about ‘Loss’.

Loss – a word we never seem to come to terms with. We learn to live with loss but it remains like a splinter beneath the skin, not visible to the naked eye and yet pricks every now and then. Death is a lesson that is all around, all the time but in our arrogance we never think about it. Many of us have lost loved ones – young and old. If not loss then a close encounter that has left us unnerved and praying. Sometimes it seems as if we are just holding on and waiting for the year to pass. If only, this year leaves us by leaving us more humane…

The year undid a lot and it touched everyone in some way or other. And when I almost thought that all had passed, it came across and touched my life. In the last two months 2020 came too close for comfort. And all I am left with is a belief – This too shall pass.

Charades of the night

drenched in the moonlight

leaving behind penniless

pauper’s treasures.

Walking on towards hope

away from a year

blistered by pain and scars

of unsaid, unhealed moments

and the chaos of dilemma…

Good Bye 2020


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  1. Brilliant poem and told in a hard-hitting manner. Are we gonna back to our old ways? Its been quite an upheaval for us and a reminder about our arrogance in destroying nature or scaring animals. We were unchained and how we destroyed nature.

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