But It Is Just A Night!

Death lingers in the air. Every second phone call is heart crunching. Sometimes I feel may be this is Kal Yug, the actual time for death and devastation. And the cause had to be man! Sometimes I feel it is nature doing its balancing act but then when I see the good people actually losing... Continue Reading →

The Songs That Linger

Rust stains the iron trunk cover that once adorned embroidered cherry blossoms hanging from each corner. The faint lavender fragrance that once lingered in the air is now lost to the moldy smell that hangs around like the dead. The four poster bed no longer creaks like the old woman who once rested on its... Continue Reading →


They stood there, heads buried in the sand Bodies shivering in fear... waiting “This too shall pass” they said Maybe they had their reasons They burnt the wayfarer blood stained their hands He looked suspicious “Just look at his clothes,” they said Maybe they had their reasons They took her to the darkness And devoured... Continue Reading →

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