But It Is Just A Night!

Death lingers in the air. Every second phone call is heart crunching. Sometimes I feel may be this is Kal Yug, the actual time for death and devastation. And the cause had to be man! Sometimes I feel it is nature doing its balancing act but then when I see the good people actually losing the battle I am forced to question Nature’s Justice.

Those whom we deemed responsible have failed us. But that is history repeating itself. Why do we assume someone will be responsible for us, and if they are taking responsibility then they will be absolutely right? Aren’t they as human as we are?

The justifications are as many as the blames. The errors are as many as the stories of humans being what they should have always been – humane. Strangers helping strangers, people holding on the fort for others while they look out for their loved ones, everywhere there are exemplary stories of humans being humans.

Yes, there are some who see opportunity in adversity and make it into a profitable stance but then such breed was always there. Maybe they are needed too.

Today when I read the story of Noah’s Ark, I look at it with a different perspective. Noah was the man who helped himself and in doing so he helped others. We all have to build an ark of our own, question is, “Are we ready to help ourselves?”

Every day nowadays I feel like letting the morning pass. I am scared of mornings for I am not sure what news they will get. I am otherwise a very morning person. If life allowed I would extend my morning to afternoons but now I am scared.

Every day the numbers turn to names, every day the bad news creep closer sometimes too close for comfort. And then it starts playing with the thoughts in your head. The depressing sense of death lingers in the air.

But then every evening I sit let the soul search for itself. Human soul is like a phoenix, it rises from its ashes. And this phoenix reminds me often of what was once said by the great Faiz Ahmed Faiz

दिल ना-उमीद तो नहीं नाकाम ही तो है
लम्बी है ग़म की शाम मगर शाम ही तो है

(The night is long and dark, but it is… my love just a night!)

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  1. We are living in such tough times with so many questions and emotions. The sad part is the profiteers looting defenseless people which breaks the heart. This whole pandemic takes us nowhere and dunno what to expect with so many failings and death. Like you said, build an ark of our own is perhaps an answer, maybe.

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