Scattered Thunderstorms…

… Says the weather report. Sounds like life on the daily front. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and at the end all is just a downpour.

Rains are like life. They are pleasantly simple to happen if you read the water cycle in grade 4 science text book but in real it takes a lot to happen. So many conditions apply and still in most places rains are scanty. Some what like life, just following the TED talks and Instagram quotes sounds so simple but in real life no one tells you about the scattered thunderstorms.

One week on social media and I feel how worthless am I? How are people even living life doing everything and then teaching people how to live life? I just had to live mine. But like rains living comes with a different set of thunderstorms for each one.

Rains are like telling stories. Stories when told sound so simple, some make you laugh, some intrigue you, and some even horrify but for the storyteller there is tremendous amount of hard work behind the scenes which if not done write can overwhelm the listener rather than making them laugh.

Life like rains can be a downpour sometimes and sometimes leave us yearning for more. It can never be the same all times for everyone.
Perspective is what matters may be…
For the one stuck in a water logged underpass on the way to office will definitely have a different perspective than the one standing in the balcony with hot coffee.

And the thunderstorms like the weather report says “are scattered” so someone somewhere is dealing with their downpour and still holding on.
Just like the rains, life is a full cycle. It takes time to unfold…

Hold On!

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