Ten Minutes of Tea

I am an insomniac of sorts. I can barely sleep at a stretch for long hours and live with constant tryst with migraine because of lack of sleep. A good doctor once said that I am a writer and the thoughts keep playing in my head. The suggestion was to keep my writings regular. I know what she meant as my sleeplessness is more on days when I don’t write.
Things bother me when not done or undone like household chores. With lack of intent installed like a software in the people around, my daily life is like a project where everyday something needs to be accomplished and that something is usually many things.
And then when not done these many things become like laundry basket… overflowing and waiting for you to attend while I wait in anticipation ‘This too shall pass’
But I know…
So I just hold my tea, breathe for ten minutes and then!!!

“Many a things wouldn’t be done if there was No Tea”

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