The craving for love is one like the stomach has. You yearn for chocolate or dessert or something spicy but there is always this much you can have. You won’t crave chocolate every day, you will crave for ice-cream on somedays or some spicy lasagne, sometimes it will be beer.

Craving is natural but what you crave is different. So is love

Somedays you crave a passionate expression that stops at none, sometimes all you need is a hug or just a slight tap on the shoulder. Sometimes the craving for love is actually about sharing a laugh or just sitting next to each other and binge-watch an entire series.
The thing about craving is it can’t be the same every day. Love can’t be the same every day. Today you may just hug, tomorrow it could be sharing a cup of early morning tea. The point about love is it has to be there every day and just like craving it has to renew the deal every day.

You don’t stop craving because one day you satisfied it, you check and move to fulfil the next one. Then why do you stop at love?
Why an anniversary or birthday is the only time you express and sometimes don’t even bother on those days? Once upon a time, you expressed love is not a sign for eternity. No, it is like a craving it needs to be fulfilled every day. Okay, some days may not be possible but what about other days?

If you just made an excuse then I rest my case… you are not in love and your craving is just a hunger pang.

P.S: Originally written in my Harry Potter Journal.


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  1. Ah Yes, Dabheli. Once upon a time, there was a dabheli wala who used to set shop at Dairyden Circle bang opposite to the University Library in Baroda. He used to carry a khomcha and by evening he sold most of his stuff.His Dabheli’s were nothing less than royal. In fact, the Dairyden circle had some awesome street food vendors. And then globalization caught up and gobhi manchurian came in.


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