Skeletons of the Past

I have lived my life in phases. Of course, the writing phase never went out of style but I have had my share of quirky phases (continue to do so in a controlled environment) and I was never embarrassed to carry them along.
I have had my ink blue nail paint phase, my kolhapuri chappal phase, my painted denim phase, my Freudian t-shirt phase, my dhaana daal phase, and my Irish coffee phase. But the quirkiest of them all was my skeleton phase. Even as a kid watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, I liked the character, Skeletor but the actual skeleton phase was at its peak during my transition time from school to college. I had a skull drawn on all notebooks, cassette covers and even on my school desk.
I saved money and even bought a 6 feet glow-in-the-dark skeleton wall hanging but couldn’t get it through the door because my Mom stood tall and practically threw me out of the house with the skeleton. She wasn’t letting in the demon to her home, I was enough devilish for her one life. The good shopkeeper took my quirky companion back without any qualms (Guess he had seen many like me), and I could enter the house once again.
The phase has gone by, but some reminiscent remain to tell the tale. I still have a skeleton neckpiece resting in my jewellery box. It was gifted by a close friend who thought the skeleton to be a metaphor for my skinny, undernourished self.
I wore that neckpiece many times much to the annoyance of my parents. I wonder if I should leave it as a legacy to my soon to be teen or let him create stories of his own quirkiness.

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