In Face of Death

“If death had a face, it will be of the nearest person you lost to the inevitable.”

This statement is my belief.
The nearest I came to death was when my father died. It did not come to me as news but I witnessed it in front of my eyes. I live that episode every now and then in my mind. It remains as fresh as yesterday.

But since then I have had a feeling that when I die, I will find my father waiting to hold my hand and lead me through another world. I don’t know what will it be – if the soul will travel to a parallel universe or will I be born again (possibly as a bird) in the same one. But I strongly feel that the person to lead me through will be Pa.

What happens when we see death in front of us? No, I am not talking about the Yamraj kind shown in Bollywood movies but genuinely…
Do people feel its presence beforehand in some way? We, humans, are experts at ignoring the red flags maybe most of us just remain ignorant. But in most cases, people tend to make mends where they can. Don’t they?
Has someone ever recorded what happens when death comes calling?
Do let me know…

just another news
or a known face lost ~
death consolidates


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