The Return Of Spring – A Haibun

The onset of spring is a big celebration in India. Being from the hills, I have seen this celebration marked over my childhood years and at the age of forty, spring is the time for me to come out of hibernation. Over the years I have believed that I am the evolved version of a sloth bear and I still have to find the prince who will kiss and transform me into my original self.

Spring comes to me in different ways. But the one I love is the return of birds to my balcony. (The pigeon never leaves but I am not complaining).

The first ones to return are the laughing doves. Always as a pair and ready to nest!

I believe the same couple returns because they don’t feel threatened by my presence. The laughing doves keep hopping around while I sip my morning cup of tea and even make noise as if to remind me that the bird feeder is empty.

Spring returned to my balcony today morning. A laughing dove brushed past the wind chime. I woke up to the jingle and watched my little brown mates ready to take over my space.

The twigs scattered around are proof that they come with the intent to stay. The task of settling in with a continuous effort to balance the set-up on the AC pipe is on as I sip tea. My presence doesn’t seem to be a distraction; moreover, they know I stand there to keep the pigeons away from stealing the twigs.

The initial structure doesn’t seem very sturdy to me but I trust their birdly wisdom. Now, I wait for the glorious occasion where I become the Hooman Aunt to their nestlings.

a flutter of wings

in the balcony –

the return of spring

– Vibha Lohani

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