I came across this word Siempre while watching Spielberg’s The Westside Story (remake of the 1961 musical). I read this word before somewhere in a statement by the singer Madonna, the word remained though I did not delve deep to find its meaning. The word came up once again, this time in the movie with a meaning to it – Forever.

Forever… with a long pause!

Of course, the word had to be there, The Westside Story is a love story, and like every other love story ‘Forever’ plays the role of hope. Isn’t hope the reason why we fall in love? We hope to remain happy, to remain in love, we hope to live together, and we hope to succeed.

Not Wish … We Hope. Because cliché says “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” but hope is the horse we all ride. Because hope comes with the condition that we will work towards making it come true. Yes, hope involves work and that is why most of our ‘Forever’ fails. We confuse hope with wish.

We hope our togetherness and love last forever but where is the work that comes along with hope.

Hope is like gardening, we hope for spring bloom and we start working towards it with the closing of winter. Our efforts, our wisdom and how we nurture our plants is what brings out the array of colours spread in our view. Have you ever wondered why your balcony doesn’t have a similar display as the neighbour?

If all other elements are the same then the difference is probably of wish & hope. While you wish for a beautiful collection of flowers, the neighbour hopes to have one.

There is a word for Forever in every language may be because there is Hope.

P.S: Some words for Forever, go ahead choose yours.

French – toujours

German – für immer

Korean – yeong wonhi

Portugese – para todo sempre

Russian – navsegda

Sinhala – sadahatma

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