trapped in unwritten consuetude of beauty, to impress ogling eyes as if born to be tied in silk nets, intricately designed. “This  fine silk to touch your skin,  so divine” she falls for his words, ignorant in love of his evil mind. her spirit ready to bloom her wings ready to cover the sky bit... Continue Reading →

A Song and the Earworm Phenomenon

I have been trying my hand at lyric writing. A few words flow and then I lose myself to the tune. Music has always been a part of my life, thanks to my Pa. He introduced us to the Sound of Music and Boney-M. I don't recall him ever having played any instrument, he was... Continue Reading →


I looked into the shattered mirror. Shards of my face scattered on the floor. “Why would someone leave such a mess behind? He has I have OCD, I say he has CMD… Compulsive Messy Disorder” I waited for him. We will be meeting after two weeks. We decided to move in together after our last... Continue Reading →

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