I looked into the shattered mirror. Shards of my face scattered on the floor.

“Why would someone leave such a mess behind? He has I have OCD, I say he has CMD… Compulsive Messy Disorder”

I waited for him. We will be meeting after two weeks. We decided to move in together after our last fight. The distance was taking a toll on our relationship. The room was empty with the singular sound of a leaking tap. It is amusing how the most unnoticeable sound echoes into the dreary walls. I look around and see some old newspapers lying on the floor. I do the obvious.

Tear a bit and gather the broken pieces of mirror to throw them away. Anyone can get hurt. I walk into the kitchen, carefully trying not to drop the package in hand. I see the dust layered on the floor… undisturbed. I place the pieces of broken mirror carefully by the sink. There are stains around it.

“Ew… someone must have spat paan.”

The dried stains look crimson like blood. Once again I walk into the room. Shards of the broken mirror are scattered on the floor. My face looks completely tattered. One by one, I piece it together like a jigsaw puzzle. The torn newspaper flutters on the floor with its headline letting out a deafening scream –

Young Woman Found Dead, Face Completely Destroyed.

Police say the murder weapon was the broken mirror they found scattered on the floor. Initial investigation indicates that the woman knew the attacker.

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