A Song and the Earworm Phenomenon

I have been trying my hand at lyric writing. A few words flow and then I lose myself to the tune. Music has always been a part of my life, thanks to my Pa. He introduced us to the Sound of Music and Boney-M. I don’t recall him ever having played any instrument, he was a bathroom singer sometimes though. I don’t even recall Pa ever discussing music like the way he told us about astronomy and geophysics. But there was always a song in the air.

Most of the mornings when I wake up there is a song in my head. And the song keeps playing in a loop in my head throughout the day. I guess the choice of song depends on my mood or the passing phase but usually the same song lasts for a couple of days.

(Funny thing is the song goes on in the head and in English it is called and Earworm)

Nowadays, the song in my head is one which I heard earlier but it never stuck and recently I heard the song again. Now I can’t get it out of my head.

Heard of “Hey Soul Sister by Train”. The song is a OST from the movie Friends with Benefits. A peppy number with foot tapping music.

And for the sanskari Indian crowd … Please it is not a ‘we are family’ and ‘brotherly song’ so please do not add it to your Raksha Bandhan playlist.


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