Rain … Old Friend

It is 1 a.m and sleep eludes me. I haven’t slept properly for three whole nights and today I get a chance but I am wide awake.
It is raining heavily. It is my kind of weather. Of course it is winter rain so I can’t get drenched even though I want to.
The mist is perfect, the ambience for a winter shower rightly set. The news is a comet is passing by from somewhere near but Hulloo Mr. Comet… It’s rain time.
I am a pluviophile and rain just gets me writing. Oh, if only it rained frequently. Some of my best moments are related to rains.
Even the day I conceived my baby… It rained and I saw three rainbows. Rain is like an old friend… always around to lift my mood even though it can do little to solve any situation. It does provide some perspective for sure.
So here I am … middle of the night… wide awake… I am just sitting… just being around the rain… Keeping it company.


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