The Grand Super Hero Plan

Gillu knows he is a Superhero but his classmates make fun of him. Come join Gillu and his best friend take on the bully Duggu with a Grand Super Hero Plan!


The Naming

Manohar Ghanshyam Pandey or Manu Pandey is the only one who has been to college in his village. Most of the folks have been to the secondary school of the village but Manu had the privilege of visiting his cousin who worked in a college canteen in Kanpur[1]. Manu Pandey’s village is 300 miles from …

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The Moustache Man

He had the largest collection of moustaches that I had ever seen. India in the early forties had a lot of street hawkers and vendors roaming around selling their goods & services to locals in Delhi. They even had patrons in specific localities who would be regular clients. Those who were lucky to find a …

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