Digitally Lone

The world is connected like never before and yet we are more lonely than ever... Voices all across just construe to noise. We live all alone.


Why I can’t find my way around and often lack a sense of direction (literally)?

Yes, the title completely defines me as a person when it comes to finding my way around while driving or sometimes even walking. It is like someone in my head tells me I can’t find the way myself and so it is better that I depend on the glorified half who subjectively can’t find his …

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The WHY DO I WRITE syndrome

WHY DO I WRITE? This seems like a simple question posed to us writers and of course a usual answer is the cliche' of undying love for writing OR inspired by reading etc. But this is a question more often than not full-time writers ask themselves. Every time there is a rejection, a compromise, monetary …

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Savour the Flavour of Kumaon

No, this is not a write-up about food! This is about Kumaoni – a musical language from the hills of Uttarakhand. A language that is slowly losing its identity due to migration of locals and very less written content available (even though the language is based on the Devanagari script). Folk tales in Kumaoni are …

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The Human Side of the Great Indian Currency Exchange

The article is just an outflow of conversations with strangers and people effected by the sudden declaration of Demonetisation. It is not a political opinion but a reflection of social response to the discomfort and trouble caused. The target group is very small to generalise but varied to get a real idea. (Caution - No Politician included in the sample)