I looked into the shattered mirror. Shards of my face scattered on the floor. “Why would someone leave such a mess behind? He has I have OCD, I say he has CMD… Compulsive Messy Disorder” I waited for him. We will be meeting after two weeks. We decided to move in together after our last... Continue Reading →


It wasn't hers to keep, but the whole idea was so tempting. Anna took a deep breath before plunging into the blue grey waters. By the time she resurfaced, she was a changed person. Drops of water shone like silver on her skin in the sunlight. Her skirt stuck to her knees as she walked out... Continue Reading →


The rooftop was covered with a colorful quilt woven with hundreds of pieces of cloth. Some faded with time but some, as new as yesterday. Not many had seen the seamstress but those who had said she looked like a witch straight out of a children’s illustrated book. It was a dilapidated house she lived... Continue Reading →


Writing Flash Fiction after a long long time. The dry leaves had not been trodden for years. The ground kept giving birth to more and moreover the years. It was like a population explosion. No one would sweep them off the grass anymore. Wild shrubs, creeper hanging over the golden Amaltas trees, which stubbornly stood... Continue Reading →

The Retreat

“The exodus happened many years ago, somewhere around 2050. The last of the generation actually went berserk... mm, crazy. They kept asking for something that sounded very dangerous.” said the GUIDE. Ray smiled at the word thrown-up on the screen. He had just placed his Tech Snap Device in front of the mural and the... Continue Reading →

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