It is not was my pet, but I still named it ‘Private’. I grew up, lonely. My parents separated when I was seven. Mom made it her ambition to give me everything my rich dad would have provided. She slogged for hours, did overtime, leaving me in the safety of those four walls, we called …

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Spell Check – by Avi Srivastava

There are times when one feels happy sharing other writer's works. And especially when the writer is your own son, the feeling is of ecstasy. This story is conceptualized and written by my eight year old son. Enjoy!

Justice Undone

Beads of sweat set on Joe’s forehead. Summer was still far but the weight of the gunny bag was taking a toll on him. Three years he had done this work but today seemed more tiring. He stopped to drink. He carefully placed the gunny bag against the tree and pulled out the sipper tied …

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Forgetfully Yours

“Why don’t you get yourself checked for amnesia?” screamed Neha throwing a pillow at Amit. “Because I forget, I have to do so.” he replied winning the catch. This was the third time Amit had forgotten to pick Neha from the office and drove straight back home. Just three months into their marriage the love …

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Dead or Alive

“Is he breathing?” “His lips seem blue!” “How did he die, Poison or accident?” The voices are playing in my head. I am lying in what seems like a pool of blood and the water puddle created by the afternoon rain. It feels wet and sticky. Can dead bodies feel anything? Am I really dead? …

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Earned Arrogance

Winter had arrived. He watched as other people moved around comfortably ignoring the weather. They wore uniforms including warm coats. He was under dressed for the weather. The decorated General in the painting stared at him. Arrogance dripped from the General’s portrait. “Army men are arrogant John.” he had remarked. John laughed. “I will never …

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The Rail Yard

I quietly sat in the corner of the overcrowded waiting room; clutching bag with one hand and holding a book in another. A train had derailed in the morning because of which many trains were delayed and the station was crowded with people waiting for the mess to clear up. I somehow managed get a …

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