The Mysterious Bowl – Devansh

(Thirteen year old, Devansh Gaur, doesn't agree that he has good ideas for stories and like every teenager today he is a gadget geek. So when I restricted the writing T&C to non use of any evil electronic media, he was not very happy. But I was more happy than surprised when he came up... Continue Reading →


The God Tribe

"Not everyone is fortunate enough to be accepted by the storm," he explained. "Those unfortunate souls we leave by the river to let their sins be washed." "So you mean to say, if someone is blown away by the storm it is good?" I asked. I had been studying tribes, when I came across the... Continue Reading →

Earned Arrogance

Winter had arrived. He watched as other people moved around comfortably ignoring the weather. They wore uniforms including warm coats. He was under dressed for the weather. The decorated General in the painting stared at him. Arrogance dripped from the General’s portrait. “Army men are arrogant John.” he had remarked. John laughed. “I will never... Continue Reading →

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