Morning Write and Rant

Alas, it's morning again! And it already feels like afternoon. The adrenaline rush of yesterday's FIFA quarter finals between Russia and Croatia has long worn off and while the primal male and his offspring continue to sprawl on the bed with a roar and a snore, I on the other hand have been sitting upright... Continue Reading →


Perfectly Imperfect

More often than not we as parents are pressurized to be right and provide the best of all things to the offspring we so lovingly brought into this world. The pressure is somewhat self-inflicted, peers and the rest of the job is done by social media. For, Facebook is like a beauty contest for life.... Continue Reading →


कभी उनकी आँखों में बसते थे हम, बातों का वो मंज़र रूहानी था। नज़रों में आज भी चमक रहती हैं उनकी बस मेरे अल्फाज़ कमबख्त फ़ोन चुरा ले गया। यूँ तो दिलबर की चुप्पी से शायर डरा नहीं करते, आँखों की जुबां भी समझना आता हैं हमको। आँखें पढ़ने की गुस्ताखी कमबख्त दिल करे कैसे... Continue Reading →

It rained today. And I really wanted it to rain. Sometimes one needs to wash away the suffocation, literally. The irony of being an adult is that you are supposed to sort your own issues and whoever is there to advise really has no clue what turmoil you are going through. For all those issues... Continue Reading →

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