The Return Of Spring – A Haibun

The onset of spring is a big celebration in India. Being from the hills, I have seen this celebration marked over my childhood years and at the age of forty, spring is the time for me to come out of hibernation. Over the years I have believed that I am the evolved version of a... Continue Reading →

Skeletons of the Past

I have lived my life in phases. Of course, the writing phase never went out of style but I have had my share of quirky phases (continue to do so in a controlled environment) and I was never embarrassed to carry them along.I have had my ink blue nail paint phase, my kolhapuri chappal phase,... Continue Reading →


Flying into the cloudsWith wings spread wideA gust of stormUndeterred prideSome words I singSome words I writeOne day I will touch the skyOne day I will take flight. P.S - There is a rogue pigeon visiting my balcony and it is quite unwelcome as it deliberately destroys my plants. It doesn't eat them but plucks... Continue Reading →

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