Scattered Thunderstorms…

... Says the weather report. Sounds like life on the daily front. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and at the end all is just a downpour. Rains are like life. They are pleasantly simple to happen if you read the water cycle in grade 4 science text book but... Continue Reading →

A Handful of Mountains

A Handful of Mountainsliving in my eyes,snowcapped peaksor conifers echoing of blue magpies.Wind rustles secrets into the Deodar's grove,pinecones playing along the hilly road.A walk down the jungle pathor a lazy afternoon after दाल-भात!Bring me back to the mountain lifeA window overlooking the valley,A door opening to a hilly ride.-Vibha

Wet Summer

waves of cloudsrolled on my patiowet summer Ah yes, the pluviophile is alive again. Indian summers seem to be taking a colonial stance; it has rained every summer in the last three years. The air seems breathable. It isn’t a heavy downpour and neither do the clouds seem to be in a heated argument, the... Continue Reading →

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