It is not was my pet, but I still named it ‘Private’. I grew up, lonely. My parents separated when I was seven. Mom made it her ambition to give me everything my rich dad would have provided. She slogged for hours, did overtime, leaving me in the safety of those four walls, we called …

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Kaale Kauva Fest – Makar Sankranti In the Hills of Kumaon

If we actually understand the logic behind our traditional practices and celebration, we realise how man and nature were intertwined to each other. An informative piece on celebration of Sankranti in the beautiful hills of Kumaon - a celebration of the migratory birds! <iframe src="" style="height: 513px; width: 365px;" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen>


Autumn ‘o’ Autumn

Autumn 'o' Autumn Did you hear her whisper? Her voice lingers around like your golden breeze, and her fragrance floats through the morning mist ... awakening the weary night traveler I watch her as she goes around doing her chores through the day, singing and singing melodies of old lovers tales. Not a moment passes …

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Do we ever keep our promises? How can we be Human if we fail our love?



Covered with the dust of time On the shelf called life, Holding tattered pages Is a book called - self Illustrated with roses & thorns And a path forlorn Leaving me confused Walk or wait As it heads towards  an unknown gate Not a song, rhythm or sound for the the tired soul Is a …

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Predicament of Being Born

On the day I was unborn I took a stroll around the earth A few steps here, a few steps there Around the vastness of its girth Treading along unknown territory Wading through waters Marked as another’s sanctuary Lands spread across The wines and the creepers The trees standing tall Watching like time keepers I …

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