Whisper, a voice lingers in air like a song Do you still hum those words of love? I wonder if you reprise how we wrote note by note the song not of words but love carved on stone. The earthy fragrance of rain carries reminiscences of our moments ... Spring entwined into Autumn And then …

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Love Cocktail

I drink a cocktail of moonlight Let it flow down my nape. Your cold fingers move along As you feel ... A dew drop on my eye, Sparkles in your eyes, Like burning ice I am lost in you Melting ... I clinch to the pain of your bite The spurt of warm blood oozes, …

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Serendipity Unsealed

You walked into my dingy shade, For respite from the scorching sun, I lay there alone like a knotty affair, Waiting to be undone, You glared at my bare soul, Unashamed to show your yearn, You gulped the wine down your throat, As if it was rum. I shivered in the heat, waiting for more, …

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Potent Proposal

The Potentate's eyes fell on her, His lips twirled behind his bushy beard. Her roundness was perfectly placed, He felt her through his eyes in naked disgrace. He sent a diamond or two to get her attention, She refused his lusty fascination. For she had a lover of her own, The theatre owner's youngest son. …

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