Morning Write and Rant

Alas, it's morning again! And it already feels like afternoon. The adrenaline rush of yesterday's FIFA quarter finals between Russia and Croatia has long worn off and while the primal male and his offspring continue to sprawl on the bed with a roar and a snore, I on the other hand have been sitting upright... Continue Reading →



Recently a poet friend who also works in the field of mental health and welfare (check - came up with the idea of #tenminutesfreethought and all of us associated wrote something or else. The idea was to set the timer for ten minutes and just jot down whatever thoughts come into your head. Many... Continue Reading →

The Life & Times of a Bank Line

The country is going through a change and a drastic one for that matter. The piece is a satire on the urbane upper middle class who have been jolted out of the comfort zone of their recliners to stand in long lines (queues) outside banks. The writing is a take on the hypocritical class of people who are concerned about everyone and everything on Social Media but in reality...

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