Kitchen Horrors

The icebox clattered in the night He stood there in plain sight I wondered why, does he hold a lantern, He replied, “Girl, I couldn’t find the cinnamon!” But darling why do you need a spice, Remember, you are as dead as ice. But sweetheart, they never found my body… ‘cause I threw it down... Continue Reading →

Stupidity, the Dawg!

(with no offense meant to the canine)Lockdown days have pushed me back into my favorite place - the balcony. I start my mornings with an unhazed view of the sunrise and soak in a little bit of vitamin D which my Doc says I am completely drained off. From the balcony, I have a view...... Continue Reading →

Stupid Cupid – No April Fool For A Forty Something Woman

Don’t know whether I should call it ironical or coincidental that the much celebrated month of March highlighting Women’s Day closes with the onset of April Fool’s Day! Welcome to the mayhem in my mind regarding Women’s Liberation and the Modern Indian Women. Trust me when I say, I was the atypical feminist all set... Continue Reading →

The Retreat

“The exodus happened many years ago, somewhere around 2050. The last of the generation actually went berserk... mm, crazy. They kept asking for something that sounded very dangerous.” said the GUIDE. Ray smiled at the word thrown-up on the screen. He had just placed his Tech Snap Device in front of the mural and the... Continue Reading →

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