Resonance dus au Cannabis – The Holi Effect!

I can hear sounds. In fact I can differentiate between sounds. For example, the click sound for small i on the key board is different than the sound of capital I typed on the keyboard. One sound I heard from just below the ear hole and the other sound echoed from somewhere inside the ear canal. …

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Hope…New Year

Green shines the winter sun Floating in the luke warm breeze Melody chirps through the air Midnight today time will freeze A year of haves A year of have nots Slowly creeping by Giving way to light Strength to fight And a will to live Another day Another year ... Hope happy new year


…New Year

Another year gone few more lies packed & sealed in silk woven of false promises To light a fire in the name of hope Fueled by tears in the pyre of eyes ... Hope


कुछ अनकही सी ज़िन्दगी

आँखों की चमक में छिपा एक सैलाब है, तुम्हारी तो हँसी में भी एक इंकलाब हैं, रात ग़मों की स्याही से और गहराई उसके मंसूबों को नाकाम करती तुम्हारी मुस्कान - एक पोशीदा नक़ाब है...


Shelf of Nobodies

A shelf of nobodies Covered in dust Gold engraved Leather jackets Covered in timeless Lifeless chores Waiting To be opened And flipped Revealing Yellowed ageing Paper Dried ink Tear smeared Blood gashed Raw wounds Of words ... unsaid ... hidden ... trampled ... silenced. - Vibha


Write me down!

Writing is what inspires me to live, Or living is what inspires to write. I know not how the pen became my life, But I write to survive. Some time alone is mine to read, Or scribble a little on the blank sheet, Mornings are my time to breathe, I write before I cook & …

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