Choose Well

Choices ... How does one define the right choices? The things of course, can be chosen based on colour, shape, size blah blah. But the choices that define us, the choices that can make or break the life path we follow... How do we define the right choice? In a lifespan over forty years the... Continue Reading →

Ten Minutes of Tea

I am an insomniac of sorts. I can barely sleep at a stretch for long hours and live with constant tryst with migraine because of lack of sleep. A good doctor once said that I am a writer and the thoughts keep playing in my head. The suggestion was to keep my writings regular. I... Continue Reading →

Not A Story To Be Told

Today she cries the tears of griefFinally as the rope unrollsA mother who sought justiceFor her violated daughter's soul The agony of the girl's deathLay locked in depths of her eyesJustice scorned her living rightsAnd the monsters lived on, reprieve They say grief is personalBut many a mothers criedWith every tarnished dawnJustice delayed, justice denied... Continue Reading →

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