Little God

I wrote this story many years back when I decided I will try my hand at short stories as well. Earlier I used to write only poetry. The start and end of this story was written in a gap of two years. After which I practically stalked my favourite author Ruskin Bond to gift him …

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A simple short story of friendship between two men separated by social class but bonded by conversation. I wrote this story when I graduated from poetry to prose and it may not have the finesse as people seek but it is close to my heart.

The Naming

Manohar Ghanshyam Pandey or Manu Pandey is the only one who has been to college in his village. Most of the folks have been to the secondary school of the village but Manu had the privilege of visiting his cousin who worked in a college canteen in Kanpur[1]. Manu Pandey’s village is 300 miles from …

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GODevious Plan!

A different take on the story of creation. May be God just wanted to have some fun!


The Reunion

Three months gone and finally the day of reunion arrived. It did seem like a lifetime. Wasn't it really? I would be seeing her after twenty long years. My High School Sweet Heart! Will she remember me? Of course she would, I was her first love and nobody forgets their first love. I still remember …

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Sundar Dadi’s Gold Earrings

Sundar[1] Dadi[2] was completely unlike her name. She was dark skinned and wrinkly. Her hair was a mix of white & yellow due to henna which she had stopped applying ages ago. A little bent with age she had a very peculiar grin because of her paan[3] stained lips and two gold teeth which showed …

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The Interior Decorator

Rehman squatted in the corner of the room smoking beedi as his father Mahmood’s body lay still on the floor before him. Circles of smoke floated before his welled up eyes but he did not dare to check if his father was dead or alive. Rehman belonged to a family of carpenters and the skill …

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