Life in a Matchbox

Shaurya loves to have fun with his characters. This ten year old boy creates characters with his imagination and gives them a quirky personality matching his wit. The following is a story written as a part of his creative writing assignment at Abhivyakti. Life in a Matchbox By Shaurya Agrawal Once upon a time there... Continue Reading →

The Pyramid

Siddhant is a spirited boy with wonderful ideas. He is enjoys reading and watching movies. He is enthusiastic about using the knowledge he acquires while reading books. The following is a story written by Siddhant as a part of a contest while doing his creative writing course from Abhivyakti. The Pyramid By Siddhant Singh Once... Continue Reading →


The rooftop was covered with a colorful quilt woven with hundreds of pieces of cloth. Some faded with time but some, as new as yesterday. Not many had seen the seamstress but those who had said she looked like a witch straight out of a children’s illustrated book. It was a dilapidated house she lived... Continue Reading →

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