Growing Up Moms

Ah Yes! I know that it is always the little ones who grow up and parents usually grow old. But that is not really the case, because of social media the classroom has extended its reach to the not so kiddish Moms too. And if you end up with a like-minded set, you are lucky.... Continue Reading →


Paradox of a Modern Believer

It is March in Delhi and the chill has managed to keep its presence alive still. Weather has been playing games and it is difficult to say whether the erratic showers are for winter or spring. But,it has surely cleared the air to a great extent. It is Maha Shivratri, today. The sky is still... Continue Reading →

क्या फिर भारत के बेटे बन कर आओगे?

राम के घर विभीषण ने अपना दरबार लगाया है रेहमान भी देख, चौंक गया घनघोर कलयुग आया है   सुनकर ललकार तुम्हारी दुश्मन थर थर काँप उठे पर घर के भेदी निर्लज्ज हो तुम्हारे बलिदान पर सवाल करें   जवानी की कच्ची नींद से बस अभी तुम जागे थे सर पर अपने कफ़न बांधे कतार... Continue Reading →

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