May be we shouldn't have confessedIt was a little more Love was not the word we useLove brought out our insecuritiesYou know how it feels when my head rests on your shoulderI know how it feels when you hold me nearerAnd that was enough May be we shouldn't have confessedIt was a little more Together... Continue Reading →

Holding On

There is a space between the ribs. It is called emptiness. As hollow as it may seem, it is heavy. I carry it well on the outside but inside the pain is unbearable. I smile, I laugh, I push myself to smile till every muscle of my body tears apart. I may be the happiest... Continue Reading →

हमें ना इश्क़ हो गया है

हमें ना इश्क़ हो गया हैअक्सर बातों बातों में बात ही भूल जाते हैंफिर जब याद आती है बात, तो कह नहीं पाते हैंहमें ना इश्क़ हो गया हैसुबह गुलाबी आसमान की सिलवट समेट किताबों के पन्नों में छुपा देते हैंफ़िर दिन भर उन्ही पन्नों में के बीच वो पल ढूंढते रह जाते हैहमें ना... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Cloud

Dusted on my horizonThe lonely cloud peeps into my dawnEmbedded into the sky It hums a lonely song'Mornings are to smile,' I say'Mornings are fun'It smiles into my sleepy eyesAnd says no words... none.'You are the lonely cloud, I have heard your stories.''Oh but I am not lonely you see, I am just one.'-Vibha

Rumi’s Sin

The moon haunts,Reminding werewolf tales Of broken hearts beyond repairGuilty as chargedTrapped in dutiful knotsSelfish souls breathing in scarsLiving Rumi's sinOf finding beyond nowhereA field in their names to share. Many star crossed lovers have believed in Rumi's quote and hoped of being one with eachother beyond the world's boundaries. Many have lost hope, have... Continue Reading →


trapped in unwritten consuetude of beauty, to impress ogling eyes as if born to be tied in silk nets, intricately designed. “This  fine silk to touch your skin,  so divine” she falls for his words, ignorant in love of his evil mind. her spirit ready to bloom her wings ready to cover the sky bit... Continue Reading →


I looked into the shattered mirror. Shards of my face scattered on the floor. “Why would someone leave such a mess behind? He has I have OCD, I say he has CMD… Compulsive Messy Disorder” I waited for him. We will be meeting after two weeks. We decided to move in together after our last... Continue Reading →

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