Jar of Joy

There is a Jar in my bedroom, I call it the Jar of Joy. It has bits and pieces of memories, of happy moments scribbled in small chits of red and white by my son. At the end of the year, we take out those chits and read them. Nothing really happens, but we go back to... Continue Reading →


The Beginning

The start was as usual. It took nearly fifteen minutes for Jay to reach the shop. The fog wasn’t as dense as the meteorology department had predicted and little flakes of sunshine floated to the window of his shop making the frost sprinkled on the pane glitter. Delhi winters were different. There was warmth in... Continue Reading →

Her Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas

Through The Coloured Glass

Alone she rides
Across the pole on the sleigh,
As it is the year’s busiest day.
She made sure,
He is packed for the chill,
The Red Coat mended
To face the wind.

The sack all filled
With the tagged toys,
And magic dust sprinkled
To add the joy.

The tired little elves
Warm and tucked in bed,
She knows for her
It is a lonely night ahead.

The barn’s all empty,
Even her Comet is gone,
She loves him the most,
Though he doesn’t lead in the song.

A tough night it seems,
Yet the loveliest time of the year,
The cold winds for once,
Spread across the cheer.

The NorthStar in the sky,
Keeps her company,
He is a silent spectator
She is fond of cacophony.

She loves the loud Ho Ho Ho
And the beard white with snow
She loves his hard working hands,
But the overeating…

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कुछ कही सुनी बातें

नाता नहीं छूटता शब्दों के स्याह मायाजाल से मेरा नाता तेरे इश्क़ में दिल टूटने जैसा दर्द उठता है। साँस लेना भी मुश्किल लगता है रह रह कर, ये तो वैसी ही बात लगती है, जब दुनिया ने कहा था, "खुश रहोगी तुम, उससे दूर रहकर।" अकेले एक रात, कुछ बात, कई किस्से बन जाते... Continue Reading →

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