In Face of Death

"If death had a face, it will be of the nearest person you lost to the inevitable."This statement is my belief. The nearest I came to death was when my father died. It did not come to me as news but I witnessed it in front of my eyes. I live that episode every now... Continue Reading →

But It Is Just A Night!

Death lingers in the air. Every second phone call is heart crunching. Sometimes I feel may be this is Kal Yug, the actual time for death and devastation. And the cause had to be man! Sometimes I feel it is nature doing its balancing act but then when I see the good people actually losing... Continue Reading →


bolts of lightning  crack into the  grey sky thunderous echoes  shatter the  silent night a moment of life flickers and then  is laid to rest life in a metaphor proves nothing at our behest fragile all that lives fragile  until death...    

Jeremy Is Dead

Smoke filled the dimly lit room. A pack of wolves hovered around, Flaky red eyes, glaring through the smoke, “Jeremy is dead!” The hounds had no claws, They did not bite, Holding needle they made a grimly sight “Jeremy is dead!” Blood oozed from injected scars, Annihilated stink spread far, They licked the wounds to... Continue Reading →

धुंधली यादें

चंद गलियों से होकर गुज़री ज़िन्दगी, कुछ लम्हे भर की साँसे; आज चलते चलते रुक गयी घड़ी की सुईयां। लो ख़त्म हुआ आज यह जीने का भ्रम! बस कुछ दिन पहले ही की तो बात हैं वो नंगे पाँव दौड़ा करती थी, इस आँगन की गीली मिट्टी में उसकी खुशबू बसा करती थी। कुछ दूर... Continue Reading →

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