Writing Flash Fiction after a long long time. The dry leaves had not been trodden for years. The ground kept giving birth to more and moreover the years. It was like a population explosion. No one would sweep them off the grass anymore. Wild shrubs, creeper hanging over the golden Amaltas trees, which stubbornly stood... Continue Reading →

Salt & Peppered Prayer

whispering into my window first rays of the sun wakes me to dustlight of memories undone   echoes through the morning cacophony of our laughter mixed with rusty creaking bicycles unsplashed puddles fragrant with earth petrichor reminders linger in the air   broken pencils, ink drained out of pens artificial worlds connecting few some time... Continue Reading →

In Search Of Kamali

(I wrote this story nearly two years back when I did a course in creative writing to fine-tune my skill as a writer. During one of the assignments we were asked by our mentor Mr. Menon, to read about the Lodhi Dynasty and write a story based on that era as a ghost!  During the course of this assignment, I came across the mention of the Jamali Kamali tombs. While Jamali is the tomb of the sufi poet Jamali Kamboh, the antecedents of Kamali are yet unknown. There was something mystifying about this structure and I chose it as the prompt to my story.) In Search Of Kamali I have returned Kamali. As promised, I have returned to Mehrauli. Nearly 500 years have passed, but it seems like yesterday. Mehrauli has changed. It has become noisy. This place was noisy earlier too, but there was a rhythm to the noise. There... Continue Reading →

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