P.S. Alexa Misses You

There a time and place in everyone's life when they feel the vacuum. It could be sudden, built over the years or just a recurring reason for which the mind decides 'Situation is equivalent to Vacuum' For me being in vacuum is like a trance. I can stop hearing what the world is saying or... Continue Reading →


There was a time when we waited for letters. When migrating to a different city was a huge affair and more often than not we knew nothing about the knew place. Yet we migrated, yet we let children go to places, yet we waited for letters even if it cost us money. We were in... Continue Reading →


“Who sends inland letters in today’s time?” I asked the drenched postman standing at my door. The poor man smiled at my amusement. He deserved a tip, after-all he was working while I was staying at home. It was a heavy downpour. The city had come to a halt. The main drain of Gurugram overflowed... Continue Reading →

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