Every Colour Dahlia

Every Color Dahlia The city haze covers the dawn. The sun rays hide in the misty gaze of my view that spreads across the horizon. Last, when I checked it was still termed as fog and not smog, and the air is breathable so I take the liberty of looking at the scene positively. The... Continue Reading →

2020 – The Jumanji Year

Every morning I wake up hoping that 'today we all will be thrown out of a gaming console' back to the good old world of pollution and traffic jams. It was a wonderful world. It was killing us of-course and finally, we all would have died but it was like arsenic - slow silent and... Continue Reading →


bolts of lightning  crack into the  grey sky thunderous echoes  shatter the  silent night a moment of life flickers and then  is laid to rest life in a metaphor proves nothing at our behest fragile all that lives fragile  until death...    


“Who sends inland letters in today’s time?” I asked the drenched postman standing at my door. The poor man smiled at my amusement. He deserved a tip, after-all he was working while I was staying at home. It was a heavy downpour. The city had come to a halt. The main drain of Gurugram overflowed... Continue Reading →

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