Yesterday’s Stars

Yesterday, just after the sun had waved goodbye, and the evening breeze gave way to a clear sky, there up above the world so high were stars. And not just a lone or two but enough for my fingers to fall short of counting. The sky hasn't been the same ever since the lockdown set... Continue Reading →

The Darkness Of Truth

Unbearing as it may seen, Truth is the darkness we pass through to reach the light. Darkness, they say is nothing but the absence of light and while the world preaches this motivational cliché the individual yet remains unaware. Our social media accounts are a visible display of how comfortable we are with lies. We... Continue Reading →


Writing Flash Fiction after a long long time. The dry leaves had not been trodden for years. The ground kept giving birth to more and moreover the years. It was like a population explosion. No one would sweep them off the grass anymore. Wild shrubs, creeper hanging over the golden Amaltas trees, which stubbornly stood... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Sunrise

trading midnight to insomnialazy eyelids refuse to closesomewhere in a distant echothe nightjar sings a sleepy prosewitching hour engulfsthe witch lays fidgetingas dark room plummetsinto a never ending black hole city lights twinklelike firefly's luminescencefading into twilightjust a step before dawnopening eyesinto the morning chilllike a clandestine loverreturning homeblushed in shades of pinkthe sleepless sun... Continue Reading →

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