To The Magic Shop

Somedays I wish to be lose my way into timeAnd find the way to this time magic shopTo fill my bag with sprinkles of magic dustAnd some chiffon wings for my wanderlustA slice of moon for the Cheshire smileSome saturn rings for concealing the catty eyesAnd if my bag is yet to fillI will shop... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Moon – 2

Walking barefoot on the grass, she feels the dew on her cheeks. She reads his coldness a thousand times. Hiding tears in the night, the moon watches her plight.He takes the ice in his malt and gulps it down to the heart. Frozen... it feels, ready to tear her apart. His hands shiver, as he... Continue Reading →

Rumi’s Sin

The moon haunts,Reminding werewolf tales Of broken hearts beyond repairGuilty as chargedTrapped in dutiful knotsSelfish souls breathing in scarsLiving Rumi's sinOf finding beyond nowhereA field in their names to share. Many star crossed lovers have believed in Rumi's quote and hoped of being one with eachother beyond the world's boundaries. Many have lost hope, have... Continue Reading →

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