To Love Him/To Love Him Not

He said that he loved meI chose to hear... notFor the clichĂ©d words don't fool me not anymore He said that he loved meI chose to hear... notCause I am afraid of loving backtill my heart gets soreHe said that he loved meI chose to hear notThough his words laced with winewere delicious as S'moreHe... Continue Reading →

Every Colour Dahlia

Every Color Dahlia The city haze covers the dawn. The sun rays hide in the misty gaze of my view that spreads across the horizon. Last, when I checked it was still termed as fog and not smog, and the air is breathable so I take the liberty of looking at the scene positively. The... Continue Reading →

Healing Self

Passing thoughts of words to write, A limerick here or a couplet devised, Spring, a time to loosen the heartstrings Mending all things that were left to survive Knots of time stuck in eternity The clock hands bear marks of antiquity Porcelain life passed over generations Golden lacquered words… binding Kintsugi  

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