Spring Rain

The dawn opened its eyes into the day. The spring blooms looked ahead to a bring sunny morn. But the sky was hungover with the night's drunken stupor and the grey of the twilight crept back into morning's way. The finch peeped out of its nest. Confused is it again a time to rest. The... Continue Reading →

Down the Holi lane

Spirits rise high during festival time, the fervour of tradition inherited by one and all brings out the human who love and lives in a bond of family and friendly ties. Our ways may be different, but every celebration marks the togetherness of people no matter what the time, place or religion. Holi is one... Continue Reading →

बसंत की बारिश

उस तानाशाह सूरज को तुम अपने वश में कर लेते हो, बादल अपने आलिंगन से तुम, सूखी वसुधा को तर लेते हो। घनघोर घटा, मदमस्त हवा, हरियाली झूम लहलहा उठी नीर, नदी सब कह रहे, तुम धारा की संजीवनी। कुछ बूँदें अब बरसा दो तुम अल्हड़ बसंत निहाल हो सर्द हवाओं की मार के बाद... Continue Reading →

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