I looked into the shattered mirror. Shards of my face scattered on the floor. “Why would someone leave such a mess behind? He has I have OCD, I say he has CMD… Compulsive Messy Disorder” I waited for him. We will be meeting after two weeks. We decided to move in together after our last... Continue Reading →

Mindful Mornings

We are all characters fallen out of our story trying to live someone else's life. We are all readers of someone else's story trying to edit, judge or seek end for others while procrastinating over our own. Life is short they say; is it?Often we forgive and forget not because of our large heartedness, but... Continue Reading →


Writing Flash Fiction after a long long time. The dry leaves had not been trodden for years. The ground kept giving birth to more and moreover the years. It was like a population explosion. No one would sweep them off the grass anymore. Wild shrubs, creeper hanging over the golden Amaltas trees, which stubbornly stood... Continue Reading →

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